Democrat's Locked Out

Democrat’s Locked Out




The Iroquois County Democratic Central Committee had been holding its regular meetings in the Iroquois County Board Room just like the Iroquois County Republican Central Committee holds its monthly meetings in the Iroquois County Board Room. Thursday May 24ththe County Democratic Committee was informed an hour and half (1 ½) before their regular meeting through an agent of the Republican County Board Chairman John Shure that they were being locked out of their regular meeting place.

Both Republican and Democratic Central Committees of the County are created by statues of the State of Illinois as the official controlling bodies for the party in the county. The precinct committeeman that make up the committees are elected by the people in the respective of party primaries. They are in fact quasi-public officials. The agent for Mr. Shure, who did not have the courtesy to inform the Democrats of his decision personally as he did not have the courtesy of providing any more than an hour and half advanced notice, suggested his reasoning was “Security Concerns”. To the best of the Democrats information and belief there have been no security problems and that “Security Concerns” was a false excuse. The true reason was vindictive partisanship on behalf of the County Board Chairman John Shure.

On Tuesday May 22ndthe Iroquois County Democratic Committee filed its resolution and notice that a vacancy in nomination for County Board would be filed with a candidate in District II. The candidate running in District II is Paula Rossow. District II is also the District from which Chairman Shure is elected. It is obvious that the decision of Chairman Shure is pure vindictive partisanship, which is inappropriate for any governing official.

We should expect of our public official’s equal treatment to all persons, whatever their party, and that there should be courtesy and civility in its elections and politics. Chairman Shure has violated those community expectation in that respect.

This is more than simply a question of the dispute between the two parties. To the best information and belief of the Democratic Central Committee, this was an arbitrary dictatorial action on the part of the County Chairman without consulting the County Board. Such arbitrary and dictatorial action is wrong. These matters should have been addressed with due notice public hearing, and with a decision of the county board rather than simply the County Board Chairman.

It is also a concern of the citizens generally in the community. The citizens of Iroquois County should expect fair just and equal treatment whoever they may be. The behavior of Chairman Shure suggest that the actions of county government are based upon the benefit and the advantage of an elite group of “Good ol’ boys” who run the county. People who are not part of the group cannot expect fair and decent treatment from them. This is all the more exemplifies the need for an active Democratic Party in the county to provide a voice for all the people and demand for fairness for all the people instead of suffering the unjust treatment of a County Board and Chairman that is government of an elite group of “Good ol’ Boys”.

Iroquois County Democratic Chairman

Dale Strough

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