Below is my interpretation of the March 2018 Tax Committee Meeting.

Animal Control

There was a flooding issue with the animals in custody of Animal Control. The current facility is prone to flooding at its current location. There is a verbal agreement with Jefferson Plaza to utilize space as an emergency shelter. Animal Control Directory already rents out some space of Jefferson Plaza for his private business. Mrs. Johnson asked where the additional cages that were purchased are going to be stored so that they won’t have to buy more. Tax Chairman Marvin Stichnoth read an update regarding Animal Control. The Watseka Animal Hospital was flooded and had some damage but Dr. Youssef hopes to be open again within 7-10 days. During the flood, they received 27 dogs, 10 cats, 1 bird and 1 hedgehog. Dr. Youssef was able to return to his clinic to retrieve medicine to treat aggressive or highly excited animals, however, Animal Control Warden Erica Turner was bitten by one of the aggressive dogs. Dr. Youssef’s nurses assisted while the clinic was flooded. Extra cages had to be purchased to accommodate the animals in the shelter and space was rented at Jefferson Plaza.

ICPHD Administrator Dee Schippert stressed to the committee how helpful Dr. Youssef’s staff was during the flood for families with animals. The entire staff went above and beyond and should be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Stichnoth asked how Dr. Youssef’s nurses could be compensated for the hours they worked for the County. Speckman said there is nothing budgeted but the emergency declaration allows the County Board Chairman to spend funds in an emergency situation. This is something Speckman would have to look into further and Dr. Youssef would need to document the hours and services provided. Dan Pursley suggested time off with pay, however it was explained that Dr. Youssef’s nurses are not County employees but they were doing County jobs by providing services to Animal Control clients during the flood.

During old business, Stichnoth contacted the Illinois Association of Animal Control and is awaiting an application from them.

Supervisor of Assessments

Supervisor of Assessments Bob Yergler reported substantial damage to a minimum of 5 homes up to 8 homes in the county. These homes must be elevate, moved, or destroyed. Supervisor of Assessments Bob Yergler states final notices were sent out and should be able to toll to the Department of Revenue, two weeks ahead of last year. In regards to flooding, the Governor declared Iroquois County a disaster area. This declaration triggers people automatically to be eligible for assessment relief for that declaration year. A notice will be published in:

  • Newspaper
  • Assessor’s Office
  • Or on County Website


Finance Director Anita Speckman provided the dog licensing report of the year is $83,500 and $21,175 has been processed for the year. Past due notices and renewals for April were mailed last week. Director said she looked into the matter of court hearings for unpaid licenses and the last court date was in December 2017. There hasn’t been another court date due to trying to catch up with Animal Control process. Speckman said she spoke to Circuit Clerk Lisa Hines and asked if court could be put on hold because their office is busy as well. Speckman said liens used to be put on homes for unpaid licenses but that has since been discontinued and referred to an outside collection agency.


Fancher reported Primary Election is March 20, 2018. Early voting has commenced. Precincts will be open the Saturday before for early elections until noon.

  • 1040 Statement of Economic Interest were mailed
  • Fancher said 1,257 positions required to file in Iroquois County
  • DevNet rep will be onsite to train newly hired Tax Extension Clerk

Below is the official minutes from the Tax Committee

Official March 2018 Tax Committee Minutes