Iroquois County Political Environment

Iroquois County

Political Environment

I can say that Iroquois County Government needs a wake up call. We need to turn the seats from red to blue or Iroquois County is going to continue to be stuck with low employment rates and continued job losses. Iroquois County used to be a thriving county with plenty of employment opportunities and now there isn’t. People are moving away and so are the businesses due to the rising taxes that the State of Illinois keeps imposing. I can’t say it’s just the State of Illinois, Iroquois County has some of the blame as well. If Iroquois County would learn how to market Iroquois County and help contribute to fixing the issues that we continually experience we would be a thriving county like we used to be. 

If we were able to get more fresher faces to represent us at the County level, we could possibly be the thriving county we used to be. Our land is being into more farmland, and solar/wind farms. We need in invest in our communities and our county. We need to fix our infrastructure as well. There are grants available, and yes some of them are hard to find but their there and we should use them to help with the county. 

Iroquois County needs to learn how to be more transparent of what is going on and how the county is operating. There has been several news stories and the county don’t release them except to our local news sources such as the Times-Republic and The Daily-Journal. When our major news outlets such as WCIA3 News tries to get information they get shut down, except for one occurrence that I know of, and that was a Gilman murder, that made state news. Iroquois County isn’t transparent enough like the counties around us and they like to keep shuffling things under the rug so no one knows what’s going on. When the Animal Control fiasco came out and all the news markets were reporting, they ended up shuffling it under the rug once the news outlets left. 

If we could turn Iroquois County from red to blue, we would have a much better and thriving county.