Vapor Product Licensing

If you want to sell e-cigs, you might need to get a license. State lawmakers are drafting plans to regulate the vaping industry. Supporters think it could block illegal sales to minors. Critics say new licensing requirements would hurt tobacco shops that already sell vapor products. Representative Kathleen Willis says under her idea, shops that […]

Republicans denounce graduated income tax

ILLINOIS — A growing number of Republican lawmakers are taking a stand against a proposed graduated income tax. It began last week with the House and now, every GOP member in the Senate is saying he or she won’t have it. Members are sending a message loud and clear to JB Pritzker. A progressive of […]

Lawmakers urged to put redistricting on ballot

ILLINOIS — Those pushing the Fair Map Amendment called on lawmakers for support Wednesday to put the referendum on the ballot. It’s the final step to creating an independent map-drawing in the state. 600,000 people have signed a petition to have it on November’s ballot, but it will take a super-majority in the legislature to […]

Historic Senate Rules Change

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United States Senate unanimously agreed this evening to allow all Senators to bring their infant children onto the Senate floor, if necessary, during votes while their children are under the age of one. The Senate had previously banned all children from entering the Senate floor, which could have prevented Senators who […]

Lawmakers Vote in Favor of State Workers

Illinois — Taxpayers could be shelling out more than $60 million to state workers after Governor Bruce Rauner’s failed attempt to block their wages. More than 24,000 state workers have been denied pay increases since 2011. Rauner blocked them. As a series of court hearings, the move was deemed illegal. Senate members almost unanimously voted […]

Latinx Lawmakers Oppose Rauner’s Plan for National Guard

Illinois — We may be thousands of miles away from the Mexican border, but debate over its security has hit the state Capitol. Governor Bruce Rauner says, if President Donald Trump asks the state to send National Guard troops south, he’ll comply. The idea has several lawmakers outraged. A colonel from the National Guard says […]

Sara Dady

SHAPING MY VALUES Growing up in Rockford, my values early on were shaped by my parents and 4-H. My mom was a farm girl from…

JB’s Healthcare Plan

Attempts by Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans to dismantle healthcare threaten insurance coverage for millions of Americans, including over 1 million Illinoisans. In the face of this threat, Bruce┬áRauner has remained silent, refusing to stand with a bipartisan group of governors in opposition. Meanwhile, hard-working Illinois families could face losing healthcare coverage, rising premiums, and […]

Pritzker vows to gut private school tax credits

– It was the final piece to the bipartisan school funding formula negotiation which passed despite high drama in the legislature last summer, but Democrat J.B. Pritzker intends to gut the controversial private school tax credits if he’s elected governor in November. “I am opposed to that $75 million tax credit, that school voucher program […]

Missing Politicians

We have received some feedback from our readers, wanting to know why our current governor and president is other select officials aren’t posted on our website. That is one great question. The reason that they aren’t posted is because they are republican, and we are not reporting on republicans as this is a democratic website […]