This website is an extension of my life and of what goes on around it. Here you will learn things about me that you thought that you knew but didn’t. I don’t hide anything from my blog and share it with the world. I am here to learn from my mistakes and make sure that I don’t make them and to show others my mistakes so that others can also learn from them so that they don’t make the same mistakes that I do. But there comes a time that you have to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

I hope that you enjoy this extension of my life and check out the blog section of my website to learn more interesting things about me and what is going on around me. I use this as an extension of my life for several reasons. One is to share. Another is for me to write my feelings and expressions, due to my bipolar disorder (there are several posts about my bipolar posted). Finally, for me to look back at what has happened in my life and to see the memories that I share on here.


Christmas Time

Well Turkey Day is officially over in my book and now it’s time to get to Christmas. Christmas is my all time favorite holiday of the season and there are too many reasons to post. I can’t wait until Christmas dinner as I am the … Continue readingChristmas Time

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Well I can say that my depression is back and has been here for a couple of days. I hate having bipolar 1 disorder. I haven’t talked to anyone the past couple of days and haven’t answered my phone as I just don’t have the … Continue readingDepression

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Team Blue

I’ve been getting questions on whether I am Republican or Democrat. I can officially say that I am a Proud Democrat living in a Conservative Republican county. Being a Democrat is something very important to me. Democrats are trying to help build our country and … Continue readingTeam Blue

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Well I can say that I am once again in Champaign and am proud to be back in my city, but it could be under better circumstances. I am here with my amazing ad fabulous Aunt. Hopefully Carle can figure out what is wrong with her … Continue readingChampaign

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