Category: Holidays

New Year New Me

Well with it being 2019 now, it’s time for a new and improved me. I have been slacking in posting here on my website and plan on posting more. I am also going to start exercising more and getting back to my weight I was a year ago. I want to loose 100 pounds within..

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Christmas Time

Well Turkey Day is officially over in my book and now it’s time to get to Christmas. Christmas is my all time favorite holiday of the season and there are too many reasons to post. I can’t wait until Christmas dinner as I am the one preparing it I just don’t know what I’m going..

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Memorial Day

[youtube] double wow, very 💓 warming and touching movie, Can’t stop crying, thank you to all our fallen heroes and those who have returned and faced hardships reintegrating into society. Respect considering this my salute to you all

Mom’s Birthday

Well today is my moms 65th birthday and she won’t have to do anything as she never has to on her birthday as I always wait on her and make her her birthday supper and dessert of her choosing. This year I made her meatloaf, greens, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and for dessert I made..

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Well I can say that today was my birthday and turned the amazing 28. Let’s recount today of what all happened! Oh wait nothing happened. Today was just another day and turned out to be a shitty birthday and to be exact the worst birthday I have ever had. I wasn’t able to hang out..

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Well today ended up turning into a great day, even though we didn’t eat at our normal time like usual but it all still turned out good. I didn’t end up getting anything for Christmas this year, but you know what that is ok because I was able to get my mom something real nice..

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