Stressful Day/Night

I can say that tonight has been very stressful for me. I ended up having to tak emy mom to the hospital as she wasn’t feeling good and was getting worse after she had fell yesterday. So we got her to the hospital and the on call physician ordered a CT Scan on her Spine and her head. The spinal CT came out normal where they weren’t worried about anything. The head CT did not come out normal and she had to be transferred to Carle Foundation Hospital in Champaign to meet with neurosurgeons. When doctor Martin told me she had to be transferred because of the hematoma on the head, I went into panic mode. I immediately went outside and made the phone calls that needed to be made. I called Lawrence and he showed up immediately and then I called Pammy and told her what was going all while I was hysterical and balling. She told my eldest brother Steve and he ended up telling my low life uncle. My uncle then had the balls to start telling everyone in the family that my mom was dying and wouldn’t make it through the night. When I found out what he had done I was beyond pissed but I kept my cool as I had more important things to worry about, my mother.