Snitches & Incarceration

Well this is a continuation of my last post titled, Intentional Suicide. I ended up being incarcerated in the Iroquois County Jail for 30 consecutive days on a probation violation as someone snitched to my probation officer to have me drug tested and I ended up testing positive for a substance that only a select few people knew about that I was doing. By that happening that caused the violation and my probation officer revoking my probation and getting me terminated out of my group counseling that I was enrolled in which caused more issued as that was court ordered as well. I don’t know who the snitch was, but there was only a select few people that knew what was going on and what I was doing so I have an idea of who it was. But I am glad that I am no longer incarcerated and am back out in the community and free and able to be with my family again. When I find out who it was that snitched, there will be some choice words for them and they will have their karma headed their way as karma is always a bitch.