PETA vs. SeaWorld

I recently came across a horrendous documentary on Netflix title Blackfish. It’s a story stating all the horrendous things that SeaWorld supposedly does to their creatures. I was just in shock some an organization could concoct a lie huge enough to make it a film and publish it to Netflix. PETA don’t know a thing and loves to be able to push these lies about extremely wonderful organizations. If it weren’t for organizations like SeaWorld we wouldn’t know anything about these wonderful animals and they would be extinct. Since the release of Blackfish SeaWorld revenue has dropped dramatically and that is uncalled for. I personally support SeaWorld.

PETA wants these treasures to be released from their “bathtub” and released back into the wild. What PETA don’t understand is that by releasing these treasured animals they wouldn’t survive in the wild and would just die. PETA is supposed to be about the animals and their welfare but yet they want to kill these precious animals. PETA has no respect for animals alike. All they care about is the revenue they keep getting in their bank accounts by telling lies about huge wonderful organizations like SeaWorld. 

Orca having Fun
Trainer having some fun with the Orca