Well it is June 2015, and a ruling is expected from the Supreme Court Justices on the matter of Marriage Equality across the border. They will decide if all states should allow same-sex marriages and recognize them or not. READ MORE


I can say that today’s mood is aggravation. And I can say that I know why but won’t go into details of it for the privacy of others that this mood pertains too. So I am just going to kick READ MORE

When I Knew…

      I knew that I was gay when I was in my younger years of life. I can’t remember exactly how hold I was but it was around 10-11 years of age when I had my very first experience. It READ MORE


  Well I can say that today wasn’t a good start of the day. I woke up about 10:30 last night and have been up since then all thanks to my back. I done something to my back (lower back) READ MORE

Memorial Day

    Today is the day that we recognize all of our Armed Service Members of all the branches. There are at times that we take our freedoms for granted. This is the day that we need to make sure all of READ MORE


Hello World! Welcome to my new and improved blog website, where I can post updates of what’s going on in my not-so-personal life. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as they are all about me, my life, what’s going READ MORE

Palm Springs

I was privileged enough to be able to travel this time across country to California. Palm Springs to be specific. This is a wonderful city that I just fell in love with. I was able to be here on vacation READ MORE