New Year More Lies

Well the new year has begun and let’s see how many more lies I get told this year. A few months back I had a little bit of money and I loaned $1068.00 to my best friend of all times and said they would pay me back at tax time. Well I agreed to that like a damn idiot that I am. I ended up texting my best friend and telling them that I had another offer on the table to pay me back. Well they accepted that offer and still has not fulfilled it and keeps telling “soon” or “real soon”. Well I can tell ya that so called soon still hasn’t shown up yet. I keep asking myself when is soon. I don’t have that answer as that’s all I ever hear. I don’t get a time definitive answer. I feel like it was just a sham and a LIE as usual. Here lately I have been feeling like I was just used. I constantly feel like I’m used all the time. There are times that I just lay in bed and ask myself what did I do to get treated like this. I guess I just have a gullible heart for people and will do anything just to see them happy or to just shut them up. I get so damn aggravated with myself because of this because I never learn. I don’t know how many times I have done things like this or similar and get lied to countless times. I guess I’m just gonna have start being an asshole and telling certain people to fuck off. I’m just to the point where I don’t care anymore. Why should I care to begin with. All I ever get in return is straight up lies.