My Weekend

Well this weekend I am declaring it mine. I’m not doing anything for anyone this weekend as it will be my only weekend that I will have to myself and want to be able to enjoy it. I have shit my phone off for the weekend so that no one can disturb me or my weekend. The only disruptions that I will tolerate is emergencies. This is the only weekend that I will have as harvest is starting and I won’t be able to do anything until harvest is over. One thing is that it sucks as I won’t be able to go and see my friend as I would like to as I won’t have the time as I have to take a buddy to work and then pick him up from work and then I have my niece that I have to take to school and pick up from school. So if I wanna do something or go hang with my buddy I have to do it throughout the day from the time I take my niece to school and be back in time to pick her up from school. Hopefully I’ll be able to do something on Saturday nights/Sunday as my buddy don’t have to work on Sundays for at least right now. 

So this is gonna be my weekend to enjoy to myself. I did want to go see my friend but don’t have the gas to go and see him. So hopefully real soon I will have the gas and everything so that I can cuz I do miss seeing him even though I’ve only seen him once since August. 

So here’s to my weekend of relaxation!