There are times that I like to be able to just chill and relax and enjoy a movie or two on Netflix when I’m not doing anything. This past week has been great. As in my last post, I have been to the gym almost everyday twice a day working on the treadmill and the elliptical and will be working my up to running on the treadmill and using the weights. So since this week has been so good, I decided to ignore all of my phone calls and texts so that I can enjoy sometime to myself relaxing and watching some movies and catching up on some much needed housework. I just seen that Netflix just added one of my all time favorite movies The Perfect Storm. This movie is just simply amazing. I’m gonna find me another good movie to just chill and watch and enjoy my weekend the way that I want to. 

I know I have probably pissed some people off because of me ignoring my phone once again but I honestly don’t care. I have a life and I’m gonna live it the best that I can without anyone putting a hamper on it. My life consists of finding me new employment, working out, spending time with my family and friends and chillen. I don’t think I could ask for anything better.