Memorial Day

    Today is the day that we recognize all of our Armed Service Members of all the branches. There are at times that we take our freedoms for granted. This is the day that we need to make sure all of our service members are Thanked and Recognized for the service that they have done for our country and risking their lives to protect ours. I thank all of our service members for the sacrifice that they have made in their lives to protect our lives and freedoms. I have several members in my family that have risked their lives and sacrificed so much to keep us protected and safe. Below is a list of my family that has dedicated their lives to the Armed Forces and I thank each and every one of them as well as all service members.

    Thank you to all that has sacrificed so much!

Uncle Daniel “Big D” Lee Allison

Uncle Freddy Allison – US Navy

Uncle William “Billy” Allison – US Navy

Uncle James Clark

Uncle Junior Gorney

Grandpa William “Bill” Brotherton

Grandpa Leroy Thomas

My Father Earl Brotherton

Paternal Grandpa Elvis Allison

Uncle David “Toot” Feggett