Well, today is the birthday of my nephew Jason. Today he would’ve been 19 years old. He died when he was only 18 years old of an ATV accident. He wasn’t in the care of his biological parents nor did we know of his whereabouts. He was in the care of his adoptive parents. We just informed a few months before he passed by his biological mother that she put him up for adoption, and didn’t even notify my brother about anything. It is a long and painful story.

I have thought of Jason every day since the very last time that I saw him when I was a young child when his mother and my brother went back to Peoria after spending the weekend with us, and that was the last time that I had ever saw him. Jason had so much ahead of him, he was still so young and vibrant and had a bright future to look forward to. When we found out that he was adopted out that’s when Lawrence had reached out to some friends that he knows, on how to find information out on adoptions and if anyone had rights to contact him. Ultimately, it was too late for all of that.

Still to this day, I blame his father (my brother and his biological mother) for why Jason is not with us today. When the last time I saw him, I asked them to stay just for a couple more days, they wouldn’t stay. And for that reason, I blame both parties for why I no longer have my nephew and have never seen him since and never will.

What’s bad is that I can’t go to the cemetery and see him and pay my respects because he wasn’t buried, he was cremated, so I can’t apologize to him for trying to keep him for a couple more days and maybe he would still be alive to this day.

Jason, I love you always have and always will and think of you all the time!