Intentional Suicide

December 31 2016 I overdosed on trazadone and took 35 of them as well as propranolol and took approximately 60 of those as I have been severely depressed and then the cop shows up to arrest me as he had an arrest warrant for me the probation had issued for me to revoke my probation. The cop then ended up taking me to the band aide station hospital called Iroquois Memorial Hospital and they ended up transferring me to the trauma center in Champaign-Urbana where I spent 4 days and they had me hooked up to several ivs to flush the poisons out of my system which was a pain in the ass and I couldn’t have access to a phone as it has a cord and they thought that maybe I could strangle myself or something and I ended up having to have a sitter in my room, which was pretty nice as every half hour a had a new nurse or tech that sat and kept me company and watched movies with me the hole time including PPV. I ended up having a psych consult and his recommendation was a transfer was to Presence Hospital in Champaign right down the road which is another great hospital. So I ended up being in the hospital for over a week which all of this could’ve been avoided if my counselor that I had wouldn’t have stopped my medications and kept promising my medications to me and never gave them to me. After being discharged from the hospital, I was arrested and transported to the Iroquois County Jail where I have been sitting until now where I am able to write this. After they booked me in the jail, some shit went, down, my life was threatened, was asked to be moved to another pod and was told was gonna have to wait and and didn’t have time to wait. So I took the time into my hands, and tried to hang myself and while trying to hang myself, I get threatened with being tazed because thats all Iroquois County can do as they don’t offer Mental Health to any of their inmates or anything of the such. As that is something that I needed as I didn’t have my meds to begin with either as they refused to give them to me because they done served supper to everyone before I made it in there and my meds hadn’t made it to therapeutic levels yet as I was only on them for 3-4 days when I got there. So Iroquois County needs to step up their game when it comes to people with mental health issues, but am glad I don’t have to deal with it anymore and start seeing my new doctor that Presence set me up with in Champaign so no-one can control when I get my medications and when I don’t. I am so thankful for Presence Hospital 5East.