One of the worst feelings that I could ever have is frustrations. Here lately I have been severely frustrated with people. I’m not going to go into names for the privacy of them as I want to protect their privacy. But the things that they do and how they act are just so immature and childish. One of the most things pisses me off is that they chat with people that they don’t even know and use my name and act like they are me, when it could get me in trouble with the law as the people they are talking to are minors. That is the most uncalled for and immature someone could do. If your not comfortable with telling who you really are, then why chat with them. Grow some balls and be yourself instead of being someone else. The things that these people do are frustrating. They don’t comprehend the concept of what their doing and what it cause in the other person’s life. I try everything in my abilities to help people and put them on the right paths and they want to disgrace my name like that. I know they are having a hard time in life but damn you don’t have to use my name when your trying to “hookup” with someone.

Also the obsessions that they have are completely different that does need some type of mental help. But you can’t get these people the much needed help that they are in desperate need of if they aren’t willing (100%) to get it. Obsessions are one of the worst things that someone could have, as I believe it is a form of OCD.

Other than the frustrations that I had to deal with today that caused my blood pressure to go out the roof, I got to spend some quality time with my niece that I haven’t really gotten to do in a long time. We went on a nice walk to the store and back and then she helped me with pruning the flowers in the landscaping. We played for what seemed like for ever but it was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day and evening.