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Well we are once again in a flood situation but not as bad as 2008 but almost just as bad. The levels hasn’t reached the 2008 levels yet but with current forecasts of the rivers and more additional rainfalls there is a possibility of these levels coming to realization again. In 2008, it was declared the flood of the century and wouldn’t happen again for atleast another 100 years. Well it has happened. Businesses are under water once again and roads are closed. The city of Watseka, has declared a state of disaster and has implemented a curfew for everyone in Watseka. The curfew is going to last for atleast a week. I do pray that everyone is safe and recovers from this. There are even reports of leeches being in the flood waters and being found on people and their pets. They are calling this flood the “Flood of 2015”. The city is evacuating residents that are flooded. They have only had to evacuate approximately 20 families as the rest were evacuating on their own.
Several communities are being impacted by these floods, and not just the City of Watseka. Milford had to deal with the viaduct getting completely flooded to almost the ceiling of the viaduct. Stockland is being impacted as well, the only way to get into Stockland, is from the southside of Milford. These small communities will once again and come together to help each other. That is the wondrous thing of living in and around small communities.