Well I finally got me a membership at the local gym The Zone a 24 hour fitness gym. I went that night when I got my membership and worked out like hell. I can say that since having this membership I can start getting into shape and looking better the way that I want to look. Also I want to be in shape when I make it to Pigeon Forge this summer as there might be some trails and stuff for me to do while I, there as well. I am wanting to get into my fitness routine where I’m working out all of the time. As when I work out I feel 100% better than what I did before going to the gym. One thing is I’m glad that it is a 24 hour gym so that I can go anytime that I feel I need a workout. I can’t wait to see how I look and feel by the time I leave for Tennessee in June. I also think that with me working out it will help me with quitting smoking for good and the money I save from not buying any cigarettes for myself I can use for the membership for the gym and helping make myself live a better and healthier life. So until next time.