Drug Testing 😤😒

Well this week I was drug tested from my probation officer all thanks to someone calling my probation officer and telling him that I have been getting high from marijuana. He comes into my group, and tells me to come see him before I leave so that I can get tested as its been awhile since I got tested. I don’t understand why someone would have the balls to call my probation officer and tell him that. That isn’t know ones business but my own. People need to stay the fuck out of my life. If it don’t pertain to you, stay the fuck out.

Update: May 3, 2016

I was informed in group today from my probation officer, that the only reason that he tested me, was because someone contacted him and told him about me smoking dope. I wish people would mind their own business and stay the fuck out of mine. This is the shit that pissed me the fuck off to the max. But apparently people like to stir up shit because they have nothing else better to do. If you don’t have anything better to do than get into other peoples business, then get up off your ass and get a job to occupy your time.

Besides, that, whats so wrong with marijuana. It’s nothing bad or horrible. Their now using marijuana for medical purposes so what’s the big deal. It’s not like I’m out doing something wrong. I’m just sitting at a friends and enjoying a nice high every now and then. What are people gonna do when they make it completely legal and then you can’t get into peoples lives and ruin it that way. But they’ll figure something else out.

It’s pretty bad when everyone I’ve talked to has told me that as long as thats all I’m doing whats the problem. But if I mention that of what everyone has told me to my probation officer, then he would probably say that those are the negative influences that I don’t need in my life and that I need to cut them out of it.