Coming Out

The Rhodes Bros rose to fame with their inspiring story of coming out. What makes it even more special is that they are twins. After watching this inspiring store, I have made it clear that the right choice for me to do is to come out as well. Although I am 26 and shouldn’t be scared or anything, I am. I made it public a few months ago, right here on my blog for everyone to see it. This story is just so inspiring I give The Rhodes Bros a lot of props for doing it. I couldn’t have done it the way that they did and it going viral.  I have attached their YouTube video of them coming out to their dad that they recorded so that you can see it as well.

After watching this video of The Rhodes Bros, I have subscribed to their channel on YouTube and watch their videos as they come out. They have some amazing tips, information, and knowledge that they like to share and just out right funny at times as well.