Worst Day

I can say that today has already started to be one of the worst days that I have had. Last […]

Giving Back 2018

Well I can say that I have already begun my beginning for the year. After Christmas my aunts house caught […]

Depression Mile High

The past coupe of weeks (maybe a month) has been just a total shit hole for me. I have been […]


I can say that I have found me a new best friend and the best thing is that he is […]

Another Rant

Well I can say that I am fed up with everything, and I am looking for another place to live […]


President Donald Trump declared when running for president that he would support the LGBTQ community and be an ally. On […]

National Sibling Day

Well hell I seen my brother shared a post on Facebook today about National Sibling Day and mentioned his two […]


Thankfulness is the start of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may exist in words, but gratitude is […]

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