Orlando 😢

When hearing about the nation’s largest shooting massacre in Orlando at the gay nightclub Pulse. I was in complete shock and dismay of what this person has done. He has taken so many lives and hurt so many. I do not understand what someone gets out of from doing these radical ignorant things. My heart bleeds for the victims and their families. We need better protection in our free country. One thing that we need is stricter gun laws. If someone has been interrogated by any federal agency and was placed on the no fly list, they should be marked and not allowed to purchase these weapons, even if they are removed from these lists. To all my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community, I am praying with you just like everyone else worldwide is. I pray that things like this never happens again.

Zoos…Aquariums…SeaWorld… and the shitty PETA

I haven’t been to SeaWorld at all in my life but I admire all that they do. Yes SeaWorld does have animals in captivity and have had them in captivity for quite some time. They are well cared for and taken care of. They provide these marvelous animals with a safe environment. SeaWorld doesn’t just take care of their animals but they also take care of the animals in the wild. They are always doing animal rescues of the wild and treating them and then releasing them back into the wild. If it weren’t for SeaWorld all of these animals would be extinct or on the verge of extinction. They also provide research and learning of these animals so we can better understand them and how they relate to other species as well as their own kind.

PETA does not realize and recognize all the help that SeaWorld has given to these animals and of the ones in the wild. If PETA had it their way nobody would be able to have any type of pet including traditional pets of dogs and cats. I do not understand the thinking that PETA has and has had in the past. The only thing that they are really concerned about is their pocket book from all the donations that they receive from their false lies so that they can live lavishly. PETA has not done any good since the creation of their organization. PETA is supposed to be there for the welfare of the animals because they “care” so much about them but yet they would rather see the animals that were raised in captivity be put to death by releasing them into the wild. That’s their main objective, kill the animals, where SeaWorld wants to save and protect them. The purpose of having zoos and the like is so that we can learn about the animals that we can’t see and also to be able to bring the animals to people to see that can’t afford to go on cruises or the such to see them in the wild. We also have the zoos and other wonderful organizations of the like is to help with the population of these animals. Zoos and Aquariums have done tremendous work to bring and keep species alive.