Milford Fun Days

Well this years theme for Milford Fun Days was Milford 500. I can say that the committee comes up with some pretty good themes for our annual town festival, but the activities that goes on just keeps going down hill it seems like in my personal opinion. It has gotten to where that I don’t even attend the festivities anymore because there isn’t anything interesting there like there used to be when I was a kid or even before then. The best thing about the weekend in my honest opinion is the themes they come up with.

I wish that they would bring some better entertainment back for all ages to enjoy such as amusement rides like they used to have. They used to have the Milford Jaycee’s that helped out with Fundays but they disbanded as well. Any of the festivities that they really care about is the good ole Beer Tent, as that is about the only thing that brings in money. They don’t the flea markets like they used to have or the food vendors either. I go to other festivities instead, such as the National Sweetcorn Festival in Hoopeston, Illinois, the Iroquois County Fair, or the Sheldon Fun Days as they all have much better entertainment for all ages to enjoy.

Current Life

Well I can say that I just found out some interesting information that just pisses me off to the max. I have been holding in so much frustrations that I want to end up blowing a gasket but I get informed by my mother, that I just need to keep my mouth shut because the people that live here are wanting me to open my mouth and blow up. She told me not to do anything. How can I live somewhere, where I have to walk on eggshells and hope I don’t piss anyone off and then be persecuted by them for only god knows what. This is not the life that I asked for and nor am I going to live it either. If I can’t live in my home normally and be able to speak my own opinions then what’s the point of even living here then. There is no point of even living here then, so I have begun the process of looking for another place to live so that I can live my life the way that I need to and have to. And if nobody likes that then they can all just kiss my ass.


Lastnight I went to bed knowing everything I could know about my community that I live in and have lived in my entire life. I wake up this morning to horrendous and terrifying news. I wake up finding out that someone was murdered right here in my hometown that I live in. I don’t even know this town anymore it seems like. This is a close nit community we know everyone. This isn’t the first murder that this town has encountered. This will mark the third murder in my life that I know of. But murder does have some precedence in my opinion of what this nation is going to turn into since our presidential elections a week ago. I don’t want to believe that the elections had something to do with this, but it is a coincidence that this happen at this time. With everything that I have seen on the news with all of the protests going on still, and middle schoolers chanting, to build the wall that trump promised he would do this makes perfect since. I pray and hope that the nation I was born in and respect so much isn’t turning into this racist community. Something needs to be done and has to be done before it gets worse. Whats bad is if it does pertain to Donald Trump being president, he hasn’t even taken the oath yet, and already seeing and witnessing things like this. Can you imagine what the nation will be like once he takes the oath of being President and Commander-in-Chief. Things like this is just outright disrespectful of our country, that has came so far, and showing the freedoms that we give people that come here. We have our military fighting and protecting us from outcries like this and protecting our freedom. We have to continue to stand up for our rights and what America stands for and let them know we won’t tolerate actions like this towards others. I can honestly say, that I do not know Milford anymore like I thought I did. It has changed and not for the better.

Milford Burglary/Homicide Investigation
Milford Burglary/Homicide Investigation