Team Blue

I’ve been getting questions on whether I am Republican or Democrat. I can officially say that I am a Proud […]


Today is September 11. Today we honor the lives lost and the lives affected by the horrendous acts that happened […]

Iroquois Democrats

Well next week will be a new experience for me. This is will be my first attendance record of Iroquois […]

Democrats & LGBT

Below is DNC‘s platform on LGBT which is something that I care about as a member of the LGBT community […]

Proud Democrat

I can say that I am a PROUD Democrat living in a Republican ran county. I support the Iroquois County […]

Government Issues

Well some time ago (about 5 months) a county employee went to her superior, County Chairman, and committee chairman, to […]

Presidential Race 2020

Three reasons to be a Democrat! Three Core Values Dignity Thinking Big (It don’t take a long time to do […]

Open Letter

Below is an open letter to Mike Pence from Martin Hyatt, which was recently published on The Huffington Post. His […]


Lastnight I went to bed knowing everything I could know about my community that I live in and have lived […]