Government Issues

Well some time ago (about 5 months) a county employee went to her superior, County Chairman, and committee chairman, to bring light of irregularities going on Animal Control with the Administrator. Since then, the county employee has been verbally harrassed, READ MORE

Grow Up

People need to just grow the fuck up and get over themselves. I have my niece here for the day and her so-called grandmother is bein a total bitch to her for no reason. Just because she don’t want her READ MORE

Team iPhone

Well I can say that I am officially back on #TeamiPhone after a short hiatus (5 months). I can say that I am so glad that I am glad that I am back with my iPhone. I have been so READ MORE

Presidential Race 2020

Three reasons to be a Democrat! Three Core Values Dignity Thinking Big (It don’t take a long time to do great things.) Optimism There are several Democrats considering potential runs President in 2020 and a couple of them are Elizabeth READ MORE

Open Letter

Below is an open letter to Mike Pence from Martin Hyatt, which was recently published on The Huffington Post. His words really resonated with me.  “AN OPEN LETTER TO MIKE PENCE: WE ARE NOT DOING THAT AGAIN” November 13, 2016 READ MORE


Lastnight I went to bed knowing everything I could know about my community that I live in and have lived in my entire life. I wake up this morning to horrendous and terrifying news. I wake up finding out that READ MORE