Why I Smoke?



Why I Use It


I can say that the opposition of Marijuana has started to dwindle down in the past few years it seems like to me. I can remember when I was young that it didn’t matter how much marijuana or drug paraphilia would wind you up in jail immediately. Today depending on the amounts that you have on your person you just get a civil ticket instead of a criminal ticket. But the legality of this isn’t the reason for why I smoke marijuana recreationally. 

The main reason that I do smoke it recreationally is for medical purposes. I have a lot of anxiety here lately where I’m living because I never know what to say to people as it might offend them/piss them off, and I all have to do is say hello. As some of you know I have been diagnosed with having a mental illness, Bipolar disorder 1. With my bipolar I have problems trying to sleep at night and yes I am prescribed medications to help me sleep but they don’t work sometimes, and therefore I smoke a bowl of marijuana and then I am ready to go to bed and I usually have a decent night of sleep. Plus by smoking this, I don’t wake up feeling fuzy all day like I do when I take my prescription medications to help me sleep at night. 

You might ask me why I don’t just go and get a medical card for marijuana use and smoke it the legal way. Well I can’t, for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that they don’t offer medical marijuana legally for my issues that I have. Two I’m a felon, and felons can’t apply for the medical card. Also, insurance and state insurance doesn’t pay for it and you have to pay for it out of your own pocket and the medical marijuana is much more expensive then the street. But soon I won’t have to worry about getting the medical card as it was approved to be on the November Primary on approving it for recreational use. Should it pass, as a lot of people (opposition) are saying it will, I will be able to get it and have it legally and not have to worry about the legalities of it. 

Medical Appointments

Well I just had a doctor appointment with my amazing NP for having my migraines once again and plus to go over my lab work that she had done a couple of weeks ago as she was on vacation all last week. My lab results came back good except for my Cholesterol levels. They went up dramatically from three months ago and don’t know why. Right now she isn’t going to put me on any more medication and see what my next labs look like in three months. She did tell me that I will have eventually be on cholesterol medication whether it be now or 10 years from now as it does run in the family. It was my choice of whether having the medication prescribed to me now or wait and I decided to just wait. But for my migraines, she gave me my normal shots as usual for them and they make me drowsy as hell and relieves me of my migraines for a while, she also told me that I need to add a Vitamin B complex that I can get over the counter at my local dollar store as well as taking my migraine medication with it. So today wasn’t a productive day at all which just sucked as I had things that needed and had to be done, but my health is more important than anything else and if nobody likes it they can just kiss my white ass.


Also on the side note, all of my STD tests & HIV tests came back negative once again and that makes me happy, not that I’m a slut or anything its something I want to keep in check.


I can say that today was one hell of a day that I didn’t want to crawl out of bed all thanks to my lovely migraine that I had. I have chronic migraines all the time and deal with a migraine at least once a week and lasts for at least a couple of days. Unfortunately my caregiver is on vacation so I can’t go and see her to get an injection to get rid of this migraine. Migraines just drain the hell out of me where I just don’t want to do anything or associate with anyone. All I wanna do is just stay in my room and relax in the darkness when I get my migraines but most of the time that don’t happen as I have things that have to be done and can’t take a break and just have to keep moving on. I’m hoping I can get in to get some Botox for my migraines because that does wonders for my migraines. Everyone criticizes me for getting Botox and say that I get it just for cosmetic purposes which isn’t true as I actually get it for medical purposes. Although I do like the Botox on the cosmetic part as well even though that isn’t why I get it but an amazing benefit. I usually only have to get my Botox injections twice a month. Migraines are one of the worst things you could get I my opinion and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. One cause of my migraines I know/believe is from the constant stress that is around me and it seems like it follows me wherever I go. But hopefully this migraine don’t last very long and will be gone come morning when I wake up bright and early as I get to go on a little road trip with my sister-in-law which I love doing.