New Me

New Me!! The start of a new me is coming….

I’m tired…

I’m tired of hate and belligerence and negativity being thrown around. We all have sadness to some extent in our […]


Well, I can say that this week was week one of my suspension and then next week will be week […]

I Was Hi-Jacked

All I know is that tonight was traumatic and full of drama from the moment I walked outside of group […]

Humanity & Compassion

Anymore I just don’t understand people. I have been hearing some depressing news about a best friend that I have […]

Team iPhone

Well I can say that I am officially back on #TeamiPhone after a short hiatus (5 months). I can say […]


13-29-47 is my old high school locker combination and old highschool computer password that I used when I needed to […]

Short Term Goals

I’ve been told recently that I need to set some goals for my life and that I need to set […]

Pride 2017

I can say that this year I won’t be attending Pride 2017 in Chicago like I had plans on doing […]


As some people may know I didn’t complete high school……