In My Blood

The lyrics of this song means so much to me, It couldn’t have came on the radio when it did. […]

Back to Normal

Today it seemed like everything was back to normal around the house. Tonya fixed supper, Lawrence done the dishes and […]

Worst Day

I can say that today has already started to be one of the worst days that I have had. Last […]

New Me

New Me!! The start of a new me is coming….

As I lay here….

As I lay here I wonder if life is even worth living anymore. I constantly hear the whispers in the […]

Mental Illness

With May being Mental Illness month, I thought I would share my mental illness with you. Something that I have […]


Well I just found out that my my loving and amazing aunt Mimi in Texas passed away. She was such […]


My last post entitled Lost & Empty, I let my mom see it and read it and her reaction wasn’t what I […]

Lost & Empty

Here lately I have felt like I am lost somewhere and don’t belong and completely empty on the inside. I […]

How I Feel Today!

Well I can say that the past couple of days I have not been feeling myself mentally. I don’t think […]