I Was Hi-Jacked

All I know is that tonight was traumatic and full of drama from the moment I walked outside of group […]

Another Rant

Well I can say that I am fed up with everything, and I am looking for another place to live […]

Grow Up

People need to just grow the fuck up and get over themselves. I have my niece here for the day […]

Humanity & Compassion

Anymore I just don’t understand people. I have been hearing some depressing news about a best friend that I have […]


My last post entitled Lost & Empty, I let my mom see it and read it and her reaction wasn’t what I […]

Lost & Empty

Here lately I have felt like I am lost somewhere and don’t belong and completely empty on the inside. I […]

How I Feel Today!

Well I can say that the past couple of days I have not been feeling myself mentally. I don’t think […]

Self Admission

Depressed and manic! I haven’t been to bed in like 3 days as I haven’t been able to sleep as […]

Current Life

Well I can say that I just found out some interesting information that just pisses me off to the max. […]


I love how I am told that I’m addicted to drugs when I have done them a couple times a […]