Missouri Road Trip

Well today turned into a great day. It was supposed to have started this afternoon but it started early this […]


Friendships is one thing that I pride myself on. There is one friendship that I don’t have and I wish […]

Snitches & Incarceration

Well this is a continuation of my last post titled, Intentional Suicide. I ended up being incarcerated in the Iroquois […]

Pissed Off

I love how people accuse me of some complete bullshit when I have had nothing to do with it completely. […]

My Weekend

Well this weekend I am declaring it mine. I’m not doing anything for anyone this weekend as it will be […]


Well I can say that I am again talking to one of my best friends and it has been great […]

Exercising & Friends

Well I can say that I haven’t been to the gym in a while as I didn’t have the $45 […]


There are times that I like to be able to just chill and relax and enjoy a movie or two […]