I can say that today’s mood is aggravation. And I can say that I know why but won’t go into details of it for the privacy of others that this mood pertains too. So I am just going to kick back and relax and just jam to my music on my iPhone and not worry about anything. Although I wish I had a way to release my aggravation out on something or someone. Here lately I have been getting aggravated often. And it can be the littlest things that get me aggravated here lately. I just have to learn how to live with it and just move on. I think that if I had my own place, a job, and an income regularly I wouldn’t be or get aggravated as easily like I do.

People just don’t realize how the simplest things get under my skin and cause me to get aggravated or just plain pissed. I can’t express my feelings about anything to anyone because then they get pissed because I offended them, brush me off, and ignore me. I can’t stand having this feeling and then getting ignored or something of the like.