13-29-47 is my old high school locker combination and old highschool computer password that I used when I needed to use the computer at school. I have been thinking of my high school career from when I was in high school before I dropped out here lately and I can say that I have been missing it. That is the one thing that I wish that I hadn’t done, is drop out of high school as by dropping out I didn’t accomplish anything with my life and still haven’t accomplished anything. But I can say that I am changing that, as I am going to get my GED even though I am 28 years old. I have been studying on my own but the only thing that I have been having issues with is the mathematics, but this post isn’t about me and the GED. It’s about me and my high school career. It’s something that I have been reflecting on here lately. Since dropping out of high school, I have lost all contacts with all of my friends that I had in school and I believe that if I had stayed in school and completed it and went on to college I wouldn’t be where I am now, stuck in a rut/whole that I am trying to get out of which has been hell but have been trying to do, even though it has been slow (extremely slow).

I am on my way to get myself out of my predictament and move on with my life and make something of myself even if I have to make sacrifices to get there that I don’t want to. It is something that I have finally realized that I need to do and have to do in order to move on with my life. I am determined to do this, no one can do this for me, it is something that I have to do for myself, since I didn’t do it when I was in high school, I have to do it now.

I had so many prospectives when I was in high school, and looked forward to graduating and moving on with my life and starting a life and I through it all away for nothing. People ask me if it is something that I regret, and the simple answer is yes. Yes I do regret it. I could’ve pushed through the obstacles and challenges that were put in front of me, but instead I took to easy way out and said fuck it, and just quit it all together. This is one of my biggest regrets of my life that I have to live with until I fix it, as it is something that I can fix and will fix. Determination is something that I have in order to get this fixed and get my life back on track and keep going forward and moving forward in a positive meaning and energy.