Family Reunion

Well I can say that my family reunion is coming real soon (3 days) and I can not wait. I […]


  Well it is June 2015, and a ruling is expected from the Supreme Court Justices on the matter of […]


I can say that today’s mood is aggravation. And I can say that I know why but won’t go into […]

When I Knew…

      I knew that I was gay when I was in my younger years of life. I can’t remember exactly […]

Bipolar & Me

      Here is a little medical information about Bipolar Disorder so that you can understand it more and how I […]

Current Mood – Happy

      Well I can say that I have been up since around 3:30 this morning and have been feeling wonderful […]


  Well I can say that today wasn’t a good start of the day. I woke up about 10:30 last […]

Memorial Day

    Today is the day that we recognize all of our Armed Service Members of all the branches. There are at […]

Marriage Equality

I have to say that there is a lot of talk going around worldwide, that everyone don’t deserve to have […]